How Do You Protect Your Home Against Termites And Carpenter Ants?

Protect Your Home Against The MOST Destructive Wood Destroying Insects... Termites And Carpenter Ants

Treatments For Termites And Carpenter Ants Can Cost Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Dollars

But With TexInspec's Protection You Will Never Pay A Penny For A Treatment

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Jonathan Crow

Dear Home Owner,

First and Foremost, I want to congratulate you. By investing in a termite inspection you have already taken one of the first steps to protecting, what may very well be one of the largest financial investment of your lifetime, So Congratulations... At Texinspec we have long believed in "Helping People Help Themselves," as such we have created the most innovative protection program against termites and carpenter ants ever.

By choosing to have your termite inspection done with Texinspec you are going to receive 3 FREE MONTHS into our Life-Time Termite and Carpenter Ant Warranty, which has no expiration date and no Annual Renewal Fee. If termites or Carpenter Ants are visually observed while the Lifetime Termite and Carpenter Ant Warranty is in good standing, Texinspec will have the infestation treated at a $200 deductible for Termites and a $100 deductible for Carpenter Ants, plus any applicable taxes.

"Do I Need A Termite Warranty?"

Well, it depends… Does your house have wood studs and/or sheetrock? Is your house located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? If yes, then Absolutely! Termites are a major pest in DFW causing over $5 billion in property damage on an annual basis across the nation. "No pest is more threatening to a structure than termites," says Mark Lacey, director of technical and field services for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). A termite colony of 60,000 workers may consume one foot of 2-inch by 4-inch pine in 118-157 days! Protect one of the largest financial investments of your life by insuring that when termites show up that you have the ability to treat them at the lowest price possible.

"How Do I Know If I Have Termites?"

What a great question and we are glad you asked. Termites are most active during their swarming seasons, usually in the spring. However, it may be possible for termites to be in a house for two to three years without being visible. One way that you may notice termites in your house is to see a "shelter tube." A shelter tube is a small mud tube, about the width of a pencil, that termites construct to protect their sensitive bodies from the exterior air. Usually you will see these on the exterior foundation line however, you may also see them on the interior of the house.

"How Do I Make Sure That My Home and
My Financial Investment are Protected?"

To take advantage of the 3 Month Termite Warranty you only pay a one-time charge of $2.79 to cover the filing fee (this is for 3 full months). If termites or carpenter ants are visibly observed while the Lifetime Termite and Carpenter Ant Warranty is in good standing, Texinspec will have the infestation treated at a $200 deductible for Termites and a $100 deductible for carpenter ants as is determined by the terms of the Lifetime Termite and Carpenter Ant Warranty, plus any applicable taxes.

Frankly, you really want to make sure your home has this extra protection - it will make sure that you are financially protected from a large termite treatment expense. Then, after 3 months of receiving this protection for free, we will automatically charge you the lowest monthly price that we offer for our termite and carpenter ant warranty of only $12.97 per month, billed quarterly, beginning on the fourth month. And here's the best part. If after 3 months or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, simply call us at 817-265-5452 and our office will STOP charging your credit card immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must want your home to be protected by Texinspec, if not, we want you to cancel your Membership.

General Conditions/Limitations

This warranty is intended solely for the customer and address listed on the limited warranty certificate. The 90-day warranty is issued without charge to the customer.

As set forth on the limited warranty certificate, the treatment of the building shall be the treatment which Texinspec in their judgment and opinion, deems necessary to eradicate the applicable termites or carpenter ants. If the building cannot be safely and effectively treated in the opinion of Texinspec, then Texinspec shall refund the inspection and warranty fee or pay the deductible of any termite plan that may be in place, whichever is less.

The customer agrees to notify Texinspec by telephone and in writing of any item in question and to allow a Company representative access to the property to evaluate these items before any corrective action is taken. The customer agrees and understands that any repairs or corrective action taken without consultation with Texinspec relieves said company of any and all liability.

If a follow-up Wood Destroying Insect Report is requested or desired by the customer Texinspec will charge the normal and customary Wood Destroying Insect Report fee.

In the event that the house is treated for termites or carpenter ants, either under this warranty or by other means, this warranty will be terminated to be replaced by a service agreement from the treating company.

This warranty does not extend to or include or intend to be applicable to:

  1. Consequential and/or secondary damage;
  2. Hidden, latent or concealed damages;
  3. All cosmetic damages or any damages not capable of being visually detected at the time of the original inspection;
  4. Termites in outbuildings such as but not limited to: detached garages, carports, tool sheds, barns, fences, etc;
  5. Formosan and drywood termite are excluded as well as powder post beetles and other forms of wood destroying insects.
  6. Changes, alterations, remodeling or additions made to the building after the date of the inspection;
  7. Costs of shelter, transportation, food, moving, storage, or other incidental expenses related to inconvenience or relocation during treatment;
  8. Any request for warranty performance not filed in a manner as set forth heretofore.